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Automatic Aligning Screen Printer

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Automatic Aligning Screen Printer
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Automatic image alignment, high positioning precision, repeated printing precision±10μm; Cast base guarantees the stability and precision of the equipment; Four-column structure guarantees the parallelism between the screen and the work table and the uniformity of printing; Ceramic work table, high flatness, and uniform vacuum absorption; Paper rolling mechanism can be an option to avoid pollution to the substrates;  Controlled by an industrial personal computer, the process parameters are easy to be set and stored;Proportional valve is used to control the printing pressure, stable pressure and high precision; The squeegee of the print head is adjustable, which guarantees the printing uniformity; The conveying direction of substrates is vertical to printing direction, which avoid the movement of the work table when printing; Self-developed software system is easy to operate, and functions can be added and deleted easily.